The Blonde Bomb

by gimmegoodstyle

blondbomb streetfsn

Hmm, if I am not mistaken, we’ve talked about hair color before. But I was busy disagreeing silvery hair (still disagree in case you are wondering) and Nicole Richie’s hair at MET Gala, until I forgot to tell you what is my favorite hair color. Well, actually I don’t have any particular favorite hair color because I am one of those people who believe that the perfect hair color is the natural one (puh-lease!). Yes, the one you are born with. Mine is black, my friend is light brown, my other friend is experiencing super-exciting color, a mix between dark brown (but not too dark) and black. And they (eh, including me) look amazing. Okay, that’s the truth, but I can’t deny that I do fancy other hair color…and today my most frequent object-of-fanciness is blonde (ah, yesterday my object-of-fanciness is my friend’s dark-brown-black hair)! Please, don’t judge me. I have stopped watching Legally Blonde (1 because the sequel is just…disastrous) and this is my thing. Leave it. Anyway, I fancy blonde because it looks really…westren and easy to combine with any color.

Blonde models are dreams come true for designers (are they?). They can be commercial (hello?! Who doesn’t want to look at sexy, blonde models wearing bikinis in ad-campaign for whatever fashion house they represent?) and high-fashion at the same time (just look at the amount of blonde on the runway). On top of that, blonde has become the ‘sex’ symbol, just like ginger hair has become the ultimate myth symbol (what’s wrong with ginger fellas?). Thanks to Marilyn Monroe and her sexy lips (uh, actually sexy everything) (she is the most sensual actress I have ever seen on the internet). One tip for the lucky blondes all over the world: prove that your brain is as beautiful as your hair (okay, maybe I do watch Legally Blonde again…just several times). Break the stigma, guys!

Taken from StreetFSN