Zuhair Murad Haute Couture Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle


There are gowns that are hard to understand in Couture (it’s totally normal) because the intense skills designers want people to see and complicated concepts behind each dress. But, thank God, not all of designers think that way, or at least work that way. Zuhair Murad is one of those designers. His collections usually consist of gowns and dresses, accessorized with sparkly embellishment from sequins to complicated patterns and this season he is no different. Looks like Murad is trying to win his new muse’s heart: the one and only Kristen Stewart. Yes people, the Twilight babe.

Anyway, Murad plays with overly gothic dresses, lace, velvet, more embellishments, root-like patterns in colors like blue, nude (aha!), black, gold-and-silver-thing, red maroon and ended with perfectly dramatic bride. Even though Murad dresses are win-win type for Hollywood actresses (you wear it and you’ll look all glam and ‘ah,so princess!’, but nothing special will come to you), I am not quite convinced with his collection.

Yeah, there are lots of beautiful gowns, the concepts are quite cool too (architectural, his classic tattoo embroidery, and goth goth goth -for Kristen Stewart, I am really sure). But what it turns out on the catwalk is just the same thing for me. I think Murad is a really good couturier, but if he has to compete with other designers in the likes of Chanel or Valentino, he will definitely not going to stand out (okay, that hurts!). We have already see all those laces and sparkles in his previous collections (sometimes we see too much of them), all those silouhette look familiar for me, and the concept looks not quite direct (I almost thought the concept was something jungle whatsoever because of all those leaves-like embroidery).

Maybe it’s time for Murad to explore new fabrics, new techniques and create something different like Raf Simons from Dior, he doesn’t really need to entirely change his style (it’s called lost-in-translation), just a little bit playing outside his comfort zone. Not too far, just a step or two. But I also can’t deny that this is a really good Couture show for the first-timers (I am not, I have seen more shows than any 17 years old I know in my school) (yes, on the internet) (duh!).

Taken from Style