Charming Side of Me

by gimmegoodstyle

tel aviv

Before we start this post, there is one thing I want to ask you: Do you believe in inner strength? I don’t mean the strength to lift stones and heavy items and whatever workout in gyms that you usually do before running around the block looking for big macs (after-exercise source of happiness) and bagels (after-exercise breakfast). Nope. I am talking about the strength to make people glow and suddenly that old outfits always look new and chic, that casual tops from Gap become something similar to Chanel’s newest collection and that old handbag suddenly looks exactly the same as Miu Miu handbags. Yes, we are going to talk about self-esteem.

I am not going to give a lot of tips though because, honestly, I am not the most self-esteem, courageous, open minded and know how to feel beautiful when you are not type of person. I am an introvert, there I say it. I tend to keep my problems away from the others and sometimes it makes me want to hide for a minute and think and think and think. In short, I am not the best spokesperson in family…or society. But I do know what self esteem can do to ourselves. Of course, it is a lie when I tell you that self-esteem alone can turn old clothes to high fashion look-alike items. Sorry guys, they’re not. But it can turn you into a powerful and strong looking woman/man and people will suddenly feel that strength…that aura and they will respect you and whatever clothes that you wear.

Just look at this picture for a moment. If you look closer, I find nothing interesting from her outfit. It’s an easy combination between tank tops, jeans and shoulder bags…nothing special, nothing dramatic, and definitely not a high fashion moment for me. I can find tons of girls wearing the same thing in just one hour (maybe not exactly one hour) (well, you get the point). One thing that make her special to me (and to the photographer) is her attitude. The infamous I-don’t-care attitude. I like the way she just put her cellphone on her ear and go on like she is the chicest girl on the street. And she knows it. This is the type of strength I am talking about and what I want to have in myself.

Deep inside, I know that this kind of thing is definitely not available in stores or even the great world of the internet (what?!?!?!?). None. You need to find it in yourself, light it up and let it burn burn burn (Ellie Goulding new song is a good reference) (along with Alicia Keys’s Girl on Fire). But don’t let it set you up like a firebone (that’s called cocky and egoist). Just a good ol’ warm fire to light your way through life (warm enough to burn those bitches, who stand on your way, though).

Taken from The Streetwalker. Tel Avivian