Geek of the Day: Diego Arroyo

by gimmegoodstyle


Call me a bad guy, evil and a man with no solidarity feeling. All of them might be true because I am going to say this bad thing: Sometimes…I feel like there is only poverty in Africa, especially Kenya. Why? Because all those photographs only show kids crying, women bleeding, men fighting. Yes, Kenya (or the rest of Africa) is a poor country that needs our helps, but can those social activists come up with something more cheerful and cultural? I am imagining a smile on an African woman with clear text saying: Can you help us make this smile? Eh, I am considering a career in advertising world.

The point is there must be something more than tears in Kenya (or Africa). And, thanks God, I might be right. I just stumbled (like usual) to someone named Diego Arroyo and his works, he is a Spanish art director and a photographer based on New York City (ah, NYC!) (every cool person that I adore seems to come from NYC or United States) (I am having my American Dream. Bam bam bam…) and he travels a lot. A LOT. In his recent trip to Kenya (who wants to travel to a place like Kenya?) (you know what I mean), he photographed a lot of beautiful pictures (with no tears in it), showing incredible thoughtful gazes of the locals, cultures, dances, and African kids, and few animal shoots (beautiful, but I prefer the human ones). His works is a prove that something beautiful can come from Kenya and it’s faint and slowly reducing and it’s our job to help that gazes, that dances, that cultures alive and finally will be able to stop their tears.

Well, just say it, I did a better job than those classic social advertising, right?

P.S: Just one question: how can he make locals trust him and pose for him? Some of the pictures look too good for candids. What is the African language for ‘say cheese’?!

Taken from Fubiz