Geometry Something

by gimmegoodstyle

mija.creatorsofdesire alex wang sweater

Geometric pattern has been a real hit since Alexander Wang introduced it in his collection regularly -it’s one of his fashion statements. I particularly find this pattern quite easy to play with. Just think about it for a second: tribal-pattern can be too much with it’s twist and turns and eye-popping colors that can burn your eyes down, no pattern aka plain aka bold aka mono-colored whatsoever can be classic yet boring at the same time, and printed clothes (pants, tops, dresses, blah blah blah) face the same problem with tribal pattern with size-problem addition (you know that thing women say in the fitting room with Peter Pilotto dress on their hands: OMG, this dress is really tight and all that color makes my hips look like a giant hippo! Yeah, can’t say that’s not entirely true….maybe like a small hippo). Geometric pattern is quite simple without having to stand on the edge of ‘nothingness’ and can be colorful without having to be the clown-of-the-day-type-of-clothes.

I also like the way it adapts other technique like color blocking without having to kill each other’s best aspect (geometric patterns unique-and-hypnotizing shapes and color blocking explosive colors). Anyway, my latest geometric crush is this cool sweater by Alexander Wang (again) (duh!), I don’t know why, without certain reasons, suddenly I feel like Alexander Wang really creates chic and beautiful clothes. I mean, he did create beautiful and chic clothes back then too, but he is like giant fireworks of trends now, if you know what I mean. Whatever.

Oh, one tip when you are wearing something geometric is…never put more than one geometric patterned clothes in one outfit. Just like any other pattern-clothes, focus on one item and rock it! You can try to combine two items at the same time, but the risk of being clowny will get higher and usually people will fall for that big trap hole that is obvious yet always being ignored. Duh, just keep it easy, breezy, and simple guys!

P.S: Maybe you want to look for big-size pattern, not the small complicated ones. The big one is easier to mix with other basic items like black pants or things like that and it’s really easy to get the chic factor on. The small one can be pain in the ass because at the first glance on the counter, it’s good, then you buy it, try it at home and….tada! Hippo time!!

Taken from Mija. Creators of Desire