RE Cafe And Dining Bar

by gimmegoodstyle

re cafe and dining bar

RE seems to be not a really good name in my opinion. It’s simple, but sounds unfinished. I keep imagining this conversation in my head: Let’s meet at re…./ What?/ Re!/ Huh, re-what?/ Just Re! That bar a block from here!/ Oh, that re..! Anyway, it’s not my business to comment on bar’s names (isn’t it rude?) (okay, according to my friend, Wikipedia, RE is usually used in Greek to end many expressions like surprises etc etc), but it is my business to comment on how it looks and what kind of things you can find there, at RE….

Designed by Minas Kosmidis, first thing I notice from the picture is the size of the bar, it’s not the biggest bar I’ve ever seen. In fact, it looks so small you can almost miss it, if you don’t pay enough attention. The interior looks much more interesting though, the moment you enter the door, you are greeted by dozens of old album covers, hanging on the ceilings, world map on the back of the bar decorated with tiny little airplanes and cars, cute photos in different frame sizes with different things to tell, and other little accessories that all mixed and blurred into one, solid cozy atmosphere.

The bar is divided onto two floors. First floor for the main bar, you know the place for all travelers to hang out and drink good beers or whatever drink you can afford (I can only afford cold water and ice creams. I am such a drinkers’ shame). Second floor is for more private part. No, don’t be a pervert and think about ‘dirty’ activities. Maybe it’s for private parties etc etc.

One thing that I find really interesting is decorated windows with words that begin with RE…. Just like what I’ve said before, even in English (which has a lot of not-really-beautiful-sound words) Re seems to be unfinished name for a bar…or for anything. I can spot words like REBOOT, REANALYZED, REFLECT, RECIPIENT and much more along with their descriptions. I guess the owner is either a big fan of Thesaurus or trying to explain the versatility of the bar’s name. I guess both of purposes are futile because when you are drunk….Re seems to be just a good word to go. The bar is located at the pedestrian of Iktinou in Thessaloniki, Greece. Wow, with that name as address, I guess it’s a really good reason to have a simple name for your bar.

Taken from Contemporist