Jill Stuart Resort 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Is it too late for us to discuss resort collection? You know, because of couture week is over and everyone seems to move on and talk about something else. About holiday, precisely. Ugh, it’s hard to believe that my holiday is almost over! What happen to those beautiful summer days when I can get up at 8 (I usually get up at 5 to go to school, yes, for some obvious reasons we get to class around 6.30 in the morning) (how cool is that?) and do nothing except trying to find the perfect recipe for my coffee (a little bit more milk and sugar and it would be perfect). Okay, let’s back to resort.

I am really thrilled with Jill Stuart Resort 2014 collection because it shows us that girls always be girls. They seem to change from one trend to another (from sweet to punk to rock to Lady Gaga couture), but in reality it seems that every woman wants the same thing from clothes. Something cute, something lacey, something simple (aka easy to wear and need no severe diet), something white and pink. And everything wraps up in Jill Stuart collection. The styling is modern and fresh and I just love the fact that they’re mostly in different pieces, it gives you a little bit freedom to mix it with your old clothes. Just like a girl always wants: cheap (or in this case…less expensive than any other resort collections) and chic. Ah, sorry, just like every single person wants.

Taken from Fashionising