Yogurt And Fruits

by gimmegoodstyle

yoghurt with toasted quinoa, nuts and fruit simpleprovisions.com

I am going to admit one of my many sins on the internet right now: I never like healthy foods and I get to bed around 1 in the morning (or night?). This killer combination really got me when the holiday is over and I have to get back to school. Let’s just say that my body is not ready for ‘back to school’ whatever. And finally when I laid down with nothing to do on my bed, no computer because severe headache and too cool for school to read my textbooks, I realized that I should have eat something healthier, some vitamins and forget that fried chicken is exist in this world.

The problem is…even when I am super sick, have nothing to do, really bored and have severe headache with endless coughing, I still can taste the bitterness of vegetables, super smelly broth and medicines aren’t invented for me…I am sure of it. The only near-healthy food that I like are yogurt (no plain), fruits and peanuts. I am not even sure those are healthy, but I am sure that they’re healthier than grilled cheese and fried chickens (dude…I miss fried chickens) (and good ol’ pulled fork).

Well, man gotta do what man gotta do. Or in my case, sick people gonna do what sick people forced to do. I looked up around the internet to find a decent recipe from yogurt and fruits because I just don’t want to eat them raw. It seems un-special for me. And a little bit pathetic. So, the only thing I come up with is this yogurt with toasted quinoa, nuts and fruit. The name is long enough to remember and I don’t know what quinoa is, but the picture looks beautifully healthy. Well, I guess it’s time to try the recipe then.

Taken from Simple Provisions