STYLE Loves: Painted Shoes

by gimmegoodstyle

painted sneaker streetfsn

I once said (well, I always say) that men are such uncreative when it comes to fashion and that’s including me. But then after a little bit consideration, which means looking up on the internet what’s happening on the hip streets of fashion worlds (yeah, somewhere between New York and Milan and London and, wait, Paris!) and found something quite nerve wracking yet exciting, I thought…maybe they’re not that uncreative. I mean, we have pretty boys, who are really perfect object for all clothes from masculine to unisex, we have gays, who are gods in make ups and stylings and, well, other things (assisting and things like that, you know what!). In short, I was wrong. In fact, guys are so creative they dare to paint their own shoes.

Okay, maybe I once painted my own sneakers when I was junior high school for my art project (they were amazing, I got A+ and that was the time I considered being a shoe designer, turned out not as easy as it seems). I just love the fact that they managed to solve the classic shoe-problem, shoes look exciting from the top with all those shiny leather, zippers and pointed ends. Once you lift your feet however, it turns out that they’re not as pretty as it seems. All that masculinity, sporty and stylish style are gone…because of dirty soles. Yuck. The solution? Well, I guess you guys just have to paint your shoes. Oh, one more suspicious thing: I don’t think guys are skilled enough to paint a man with white suit that good….man, we have to find the seller!

Taken from StreetFSN