The Oversized

by gimmegoodstyle


Oversized trend is one of those comfortable and chic trends that I think can be easily ruined by your ‘too casual’ mood. For example: oversized sweater with maxi skirt, that combination was really hot on Louis Vuitton runway a few seasons ago (lazy-grunge inspired something?), but now it is considered as baggy, un-stylish and not really walkable (imagine walking down the wet pavements while trying to save your maxi skirts and your baggy baggy sweater at the same time) (nasty!). But some people do able to make oversized become something cool, street stylers do it all the time with their oversized bags, oversized tops, oversized pants and whatever oversized items they can come up with. I guess it really depends on how you rock this trend.

It’s not about your body size…okay, I am just trying to cheer you up, maybe it depends on your body size. I think tall and medium-weight people look best with oversized because they can still maintain their body shapes and look stylishly baggy at some parts of their bodies which can also double function as fat-repeller…or fat-camouflage. Tiny people (okay, not-really-tall people), on the other hand, have not a really good relationship with this style because I can’t think of any oversized item that doesn’t either ruin their body shape or just make them look like a really big and empty potato sack. Hmm, not recommended.

Oversized items are sometimes strange to me. It twists and turns at the wrong way and look really big at the wrong part, it will make people, except glorious supermodels on the runway, look like art installment of some strange exhibitions of some surrealist arts. Not good. If you really want to be a stone-headed fashionista and try this trend, better start with something casual (wait, something normal) like sweater or maybe bags or small accessories (necklace is the easiest one). Combine that one item (yes, we are still playing the one-item-only rule) with something less-baggy, I prefer something tighter. I think the tight item will somehow neutralize the bagginess of oversized and voila! You get the perfect combination of chic and comfortable. After completing this tricky phase, you can go all crazy-baggy-oversized. You are saved. Amen. 

Taken from Style Bubble