by gimmegoodstyle

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Once in awhile I feel grateful to follow Perez Hilton’s twitter account. Yes, he is annoying sometimes (okay, most of the time), but he also one of the true gossipers of Hollywood and knows which one is hoax and which one is the real deal. Anyway, when he tweeted about Cory Monteith’s death a few hours ago, I was laughing my ass off. Man, this guy’s gossip sense must be fooling him! But then, he kept on tweeting (not like usual because he usually only tweet one thing once and tweet other things) and it became really annoying.

I started to feel anxious and tried to look for #Monteith on Twitter and found tons of results. Most of them are from official news account or celebrities and all of them are about how destroyed their hearts are and keep on ‘sending love’ to his families and friend…and Lea Michele. And I am not brave enough to take a look at Lea Michele’s account. Okay, the news is not hoax people. Glee star Cory Monteith found dead in hotel in Canada (apparently, Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel. Another hotel that, I am sure, will become famous after this riot) because of overdose, the further investigation will be held on Monday. Ugh, what a tragic and sickening lost…

One thing that makes this news even become more devastating is the reason he passed away. It’s not because of an accident or he is murdered by some mafias (sorry, can’t help my imaginations). It’s because dangerous pills (or dusts or whatever it’s called) called drugs! Overdose is such a cliche in Hollywood, people do it all the time and they survived. No big deal. A little death should be mourned for a few days and after that, the party goes on and more people will ‘found dead in a hotel in somewhere cold and dark’ (I am not saying that Canada or Fairmont Pacific is cold and dark, just a metaphor). Come on guys, I want to feel sorry for this devastating news (I am sorry for this news!). But I will also take this opportunity to tell you that if we can fight drugs a few years ago, we might still have Cory, Audrey Hepburn, Whitney Houston and tons of artists we know and love. There is no time better than now to say: Say No To Drugs and #RIPCoryMonteith…

P.S: And for Miss Lea Michele, please don’t do anything stupid. You have the right to be mournful and sad, but you don’t have the right to be all devastated and give up on your life #PrayForLea

P.P.S: And please please please someone tell me that this is just a super big trick to fool people and one of those millions Gleeks will send angry emails to me, asking me to go fuck myself (that’s hard!) and take down this post #IHopeThisIsJustABigFatLie.