Creative Office From Old Flat

by gimmegoodstyle


I always find this kind of article in architecture magazines, about people who brag about turning old something into a brand new something, but actually the only thing they do is buy new accessories from IKEA and hire a decorator. And the result is always not that amazing for me. It’s like staring into a lost-and-found box, nothing is new and everything is mixed up together like trying to cover up the fact that they’re all lost items. Oh, I am such a mood-killer (and article-killer), I should have said that not all of those articles are written in that silly step-by-step way. Some of them are actually really good and quite inspirational for people who like architecture or just trying to magically changed their homes for good (no such luck, it’s better to hire a good decorator as soon as possible) (I know what you are capable of….). Anyway, I am trying to say that makeover can be cool sometimes, especially when you do it in your office.

And we are talking about total makeover, just like what plusminusarchitects did for this office in Bratislava (where the hell is Bratislava?). The budget for this renovation is said to be around 7500 Euros, I am no expert at counting how much a building cost (in country like Indonesia, a small house can trickly cost around 1 to 2 million rupiahs, yet the price can change out of the blue according to your relations, nationalities, families and other ‘extra’ factors), but I am sure 7500 euros is not a really huge budget to build a decent office.

The flat was built in 1928 by Otakar Nekvasil as a ‘housing block’ (I guess that’s the old way to say ‘trendy apartment’) before it was transformed into a creative design studio.  The concept was to minimize the furnitures, you can see that they keep the original wood ceiling and brick walls and only added huge blackboard to do sketches, doodles and only God-and-designers know what kind of things.  I like the fact that the office is so open and spacey with a little bit touch of vintage without having to be all old and creepy. And I usually hate wooden floors and chipboards because they can look cheap and dirty. But I guess my furniture taste is also getting a little bit makeover.

Taken from Fresh Home