STYLE Loves: Brave Accessories

by gimmegoodstyle

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Accessories can upgrade your outfit in a blink of an eye, but those bling-blings can do more than become a fashion statement. They can also help people who are trying to describe your behaviour, your attitudes and who you are in general. It’s very easy to read, even for normal people aka people who don’t take psychology 101 in college aka people who are not a magician/mind reader/card-reader/sixth sense whatever. Just look at how they wear their necklaces, rings, or even earrings. If there is someone who wear all black accessories from head to toe, then you can take a conclusion that he is a goth or rock and roll fan or maybe trying to live up the Dracula spirit in his/herself. If there is a girl who always wear something pinkish even though her clothes are totally out-of-the-pink-zone, then you can say that she is a barbie addict level one (on the road to the worst) or trying to remember her childhood moment in very very disturbing way (pink is not a neutral color for adults or anyone above 5 years old).

And how about people who like to wear strange accessories? Like bondage cuffs or super large rings? I usually consider them as either a fashion victim (most of them get into this category) or simply a brave fashionista who is exploring his/her capabilities. There is just a big difference between those two. A fashionista always look simply good in everything, it’s not because they have beautiful bodies or go to ‘very-good-doctor’ for retouches (and relaxing vacation, the one that makes you look all tanned and…wait, is there something different with your mouth/nose/chin/belly?). Nope, they’re good because they know how to mix and match clothes that look actually (and honestly) good on them, including accessories. It doesn’t really matter if they’re wearing something ‘vintage’ or last-season, it’s fashion! It’s still something that can make them feel pretty and happy and chic. Brave accessories or even difficult ones aren’t really a problem for them because they are already loving the accessories. And I never ever caught them complaining about their clothes. Well, maybe a thing or two about how sore their feet are and something about not-really-good body lotion (you know, girls’ things and all), but that’s all.

Fashion victim, on the other hand, is very very…cheesy when it comes to mix and match-ing their clothes. They always want something from some designers’ labels and wear something that just not right for them. And feel good about it (and walk with that hilarious giggles and annoying Starbucks) (please, Starbucks is a cafe not an accessory!). Argh, they’re just the reverse side of a fashionista, yet the line between two of them is very thin. Well, what can I say? This is fashion, this is how it rolls. And we can only embrace the fact and put some hella good clothes-and-accessories to cheer ourselves. Not to be caught dead as a victim. No no no….

P.S: Those chain-linked-rings are really cool, aren’t they? I wonder if it’s comfortable or not…Probably not. But what can we say?!

Taken from StreetFSN