Celine Birkenstocks

by gimmegoodstyle

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I once had a Birkenstock, it was made of leather and really hard sole. It was painful. It felt so hard on my feet until I thought I was going to bleed, turned up…it was only sweats (still disgusting!). I don’t know why people really like to buy Birkenstocks, they always say that it is better than heels or loafers. Well, I do agree that heels are painful, but Birkenstocks seems as painful as heels for me. Just remembering those hard soles under my feet, make my face frown and my brain is trying really hard to forget those bad ol’ days.

Anyway, my story feels a little bit irrelevant because people still love those Birkenstocks, designers are loving it too. They make tons of different version of their own Birkenstocks until somehow it sounds like a joke. Glittery Birkenstocks, ‘Healthy’ Birkenstocks (seriously, saw one on the great-world-of-internet and didn’t know how to react), Colorful Birkenstocks (quite stylish to be fair)…

All of them are unique and funny at the same time (well, at least for me) because the only thing that hose designers do is changing the looks, but not even bother to make some addition. Change the colors, change the leather, add some sparkles! There you go! Hmm…such a waste of Birkenstocks…and I won’t bother to say something. Okay, there is one version of Birkenstocks that draws my attention though…uh, well, it’s not as beautiful or as wearable as other versions, but remembering those hard-soles-days and sweaty-feet days, I guess this might be the one for me. I mean, really, people are talking about their favorite ‘Birks’ and I have nothing to say except: I hate that kind of shoes. Not the best punch line in conversation.

Okayyy then….my favorite Birken is…Celine Birks! Yes, the furry one! I don’t know what those furs are made of, but I am sure they feel as smooth as a baby’s skin (not that smooth, maybe half-the-smoothness. Oh, whatever!). The only problem except it is not made for men (channeling my inner Bryan Boy spirit)(not working, if you curious about the result) is….maybe Celine made it for the runway show, not for street. But then, I saw this picture from Jak and Jil, showing a girl (probably a man)(hopefully, a man) wearing that birks and just walk easily on the street.

This is a true STREET STYLE sign.

This Celine Birks is wearable.

Hooray, Yahoo, Yipi…!!!

What do you think guys? Wearable, comfortable and it’s Celine! Will you do it or not?

P.S: That green bag looks good too, doesn’t it? But we will talk about it LATER….!

Taken from Jak and Jil