STYLE Loves: Maison Martin Margiela Accessory

by gimmegoodstyle

maison martin margiela accessorie

Maison Martin Margiela aka MMM is famed for it’s sometimes bizarre Haute Couture collection, involving a lot of masks and strange materials. I do feel that MMM always do it over the top, their collection supposed to be interesting and brave, a fresh air to the fashion world, where every trend seems to repeat again and again. But there are too much things on the runway until I can’t really figuring out which one is interesting and which isn’t. If people tell me to look bigger when watching fashion show, it is the exact opposite at MMM show. Don’t take it all, just try to focus on one thing. Last season I tried to focus on the fabrics (something recycled-green-eco-friendly whatsoever) and my philosophy is proven to be quite effective. At least I am not having nausea of seeing all those concepts in one place.

This Fall Couture season….I don’t watch the show because holiday/wedding thing, but I do get interesting picture of MMM’s accessory. So, let’s just focus on the accessories because I really don’t know what else to talk about. It looks like a crystal bracelet (bracelet made of crystal?) for boots. Well, another strange trend that I am sure we will see on the street in no time.

Crystal-boot-bracelet is not the most practical thing I’ve ever seen, but it is obviously one of the most interesting accessories this season. I just love the simplicity of the design, the sparkling crystals (which makes it looks more like a really huge diamond) and the unexpected surprise you can give to people on the road. And those bracelets really sum up the chicness of usual leather brown boots. Hmm, I am not recommending this type of accessory for Jakarta-ers because honestly, this is not the safest city in the world. You have to be careful with your bags, cameras, phones, necklaces, and…eh crystal boots?

Taken from Style Bubble