Geek of the Day: Valerie Hegarty

by gimmegoodstyle


I love being in the museum, surrounded by all those so-called masterpieces by artists that are great, but I always forget their names the moment I walk out from the museum and have my first post-artistic-ice-cream bite. Museum installations are always interesting, I wouldn’t doubt the skill of each painter that work has been shown there. It’s simply a massive prestation. And boring experience. Don’t get me wrong, I love museum, but sometimes I wonder if those paintings can move or tell their stories with voice or things like that. 2D paintings look just plain and boring for me.

I guess Youtube get famous because of this concept.

Anyway, I think I won’t be that bored anymore because artist Valerie Hegarty has created paintings that I’ve never seen before. I am telling you, her art is explosive. Hegarty painted…or should I say, made…paintings that look more like a messy 3D with flowers, mud, dirts sticking out from, let’s say, a woman’s head. In the first glance it looks like she is wrecking up classic paintings by throwing up trashes. In second glance, it takes more than throwing to create these explosive images. Hegarty uses canvas, acrylic paint, paper, glue, foil, flowers, sand, thread, and her own imagination. Wow, what a difficult process it must be.

After decades of staring at classic paintings, both in class and museum, I guess it’s the right time to let go our explosive behaviour a little bit. No no no! Don’t mess with those classic paintings in the museum! Stop it! You just have to sit back and enjoy (while connecting) to Valerie Hegarty’s explosive art installment (she has two main pieces called Woman in White and Flower Frenzy). A perfect blend between rushing, destructive, dirty yet exciting young spirit and classic arts that we’ve all heard and (not sure) respect.

Is that right, Valerie?

Taken from My Modern Met