Ulyana Sergeenko Haute Couture Fall 2013

by gimmegoodstyle


Watching Ulyana Sergeenko show is like chewing down a sweet plain Elle & Vire yoghurt. I love that one. It tastes sweet, but not too sweet, easy to chew (you don’t even need to chew it) and fresh. But after a good 10 minutes you will forget the whole taste, all that left in your mouth is something milky and slimy.

Ulyana Sergeenko really make a great show (inspired by orthodox architecture and priest-something), it’s pretty easy to watch and those dresses look so simple I almost believe I am actually watching a ready to wear show, everything looks wearable yet I can see the luxury of the fabric and small accessories here and there. But after standing in the middle of daylight and chewing down my lunch, I begin to forget about all those luxuries and easiness.

Ulyana Sergeenko show is quite forgettable for me. The clothes are simply stylish, yes. The cuttings are near-perfect (even though people still call her ‘untrained’), yes. The models look charming, yes. And there is nothing really wrong about the stage. I don’t know, compared to the likes of Iris Van Herpen (promise, we will talk about her) or Elie Saab, Ulyana’s show is just simply plain for me. The lack of colors and intense use of black, grey and velvet isn’t really helping. Designers really like to use black and other dark colors, especially in fall collection, that’s true, but I think bold-colored clothes can help show something…’wow’ a little bit.

In the world of high fashion, it is really important to put something surprising in your collection. ‘X Factor’ that’s what you can call it. It’s not always about the technique, it can be from the stage, some stories behind the collection. Well, you know all those things. But plain sweet flavor aside, this collection is quite a wearable couture (what do you call it? semi-couture?) for me, I am sure that with good advertising some of the clothes can be a real hit.

The problem is…maybe Ulyana needs to experience a little bit sucker punch, noticing that this is just her third fashion show.

We all need a good one in the face, to know what it likes to be surprised and how to finally create a good one.

Taken from Style