And A Skirt

by gimmegoodstyle

cool skirt

I always talk about one-item-only rule all this time, right? You know, that rule when you can only wear one pop-up, bold, unique whatsoever item that makes you look less like a clown and more like a true chic fashionista. But after thinking here and there (or maybe sleeping between here and there too), I think I haven’t give enough example. Most of the time, I only give you random cool fashion items pictures from other websites (hope you’re cool with that) and tips that are proven to be quite wonderful (okay, I don’t really know if they’re wonderful in real life or not, but I am quite confident). Anyway, I am looking at that one-item-only picture and I didn’t know how hard it is to find one!

Pff, someone should give a Nobel Prize for bloggers to gather difficult information to become one stylish article.

Actually I did find out this picture, even though I am not quite satisfied with the ‘cool’ item. Yes, it’s a graphic-printed skirt or something like that, the skirt is too far for me to really describe what it actually is. There is something not quite popping from this outfit, but you can see that she has done a really chic job in mixing her outfit.

I like the tomboy feeling the green jacket/ oversized shirt and that casual black shirt gives with a little bit accessories-surprise (tricky technique to put your accessories in hidden yet memorable place) from the pins and necklaces. The skirt looks quite vibrant and eye catching, at the same time it also gives a feminine vibe that is important for every girl. No matter how tomboy you are.

I am still looking for something clearer, and I guess this picture is enough for now. Oh, almost forget to tell you that that small black shoulder bag is cool. Simple and chic, just like the rule we always talk about.

Taken from Vanessa Jackman