STYLE Loves: Maiko Takeda Atmospheric Reentry

by gimmegoodstyle

maiko takeda

Oh, designers! Sometimes you create such a classic trend and other time you create something I can only describe as Lady Gaga Couture (aka Strange Fashion aka What-The-Fuck-Are-They?!). When I see this kind of style, I have two questions in my mind. First, wow…are those things actually clothes? The answer is mostly yes. Second, wow…those are clothes (put a stupid face here)…how people wear it? The answer is usually more complicated than I have anticipated (oh, put you head over here, twist that way, yes, like that, no no no, you are breaking the front/back/side/whatever glitters…STOP RIGHT THERE!!!).

I can’t help falling in love with one or two Gaga Couture-type of designer though. They’re creativities are just so intense and once you finally get a hint of what is going on, you are slowly want to wear or, at least, talk about the clothes. My latest crush is Atmospheric Reentry by Maiko Takeda. The collection consists mostly on accessories. Strange accessories.

I don’t even know how to explain them. The colors are vibrant and alien-like, the shapes are pointy and alien-like, the styling is cool and alien-like. In short, I can only imagine those pieces come and gone in magazines and concert (whatever concert) and possibly on runway. But on the street…nope. I can’t imagine people wearing all those accessories and still manage to breath and catch a glimpse of what’s going on.

But there are some items that look quite wearable though, even though not as fantastic as the head or eyewear. The hat (headwear that resembles a hat?!)(normal hat, there it is)looks quite futuristic and easy to wear, a little bit reminds me of Bill Gaytten for Dior Couture before Raf Simons era (you know, cheese cubes and cosmic inspired things). I guess in Gaga Couture, I really fall hard in creativity. As designers though, we have to think about business too (like it or not), Gaga Couture is hardly satisfying in term of money.

But just like what old man once said to me: do whatever you like and do it with passion, somehow you will find a way out of whatever fucks you are dealing with. Seriously, I forget who told me that, but it means something like that.

Viva Gaga Couture?

P.S: Haute Couture and Gaga Couture are two totally different things!

Taken from Style Bubble (picture on the top of the post); Maiko Takeda