Pacific Rim

by gimmegoodstyle


Pacific Rim has more than 5 trailers out there on Youtube since end-of-last-year, if I am not mistaken. So far, the trailers have become such a hit until I am afraid that the movie would lack the element of surprise. Anyway, not only trailers, Guillermo del Toro also made some posters featuring the great Jaegers aka giant-robots-that-will-save-the-earth in different cities with quite a weapon. Well, that’s not shocking. But how about the movie itself? I only have three words so far: blow-my-mind. Surprisingly, I like the movie. It’s big, the robots are big, the monsters are big, the plot is quite simple and quick and involves big setting and the actors are pretty much cool. Not a mind blowing acting (note: no really-famous actors in this movie, but the robots are quite famous now I guess), but if you have more than 2 giant robots with realistic settings with monsters to fight for, and tons of explosions, acting seems to be unimportant.

The story revolves around Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam), a Jaeger pilot who is in shock after his brother death in one of many Kaiju (aka the monsters) attacks in our world (yes, earth is doomed. Again. After surviving alien invaders from outer space, kicked by zombies, mutation, pandemic, no children born, environmental disaster, and ultimate doomsday prophecy, we have to fight giant monsters from different dimensions. Huff, fair enough Hollywood). Raleigh is called once again to drive his old Jaeger because it seems like the Jaeger Program is ending and the world is on the edge of doomsday (like usual) and he has to save the day (again….) with trainee (Rinko Kikuchi) as his new co-pilot and few remaining Jaegers.

We are talking about tons of monsters and a few robots to fight them.

Phew, quite a high stakes….

Just like every science fiction movie, once you focus in one aspect, the others go messy. I adore the robots’ technologies, which even make Transformers look like child’s play, but I am a bit confused by the lack of the human’s cities technologies. It looks pretty much like 2013 when the movie (at some point) said that ‘it was far back in 2017’. A little logic here, if they say 2017 is ‘far back’, the cities suppose to have much more advanced technologies right now (in the movie’s time zone), right? Like hyperspeed trains, new mobile phones, whatever details. Well, that’s sound unimportant, but quite disturbing.

I have to praise Guillermo though, even though he is dealing with cliche end-of-the-world theme, he managed to put some social points and logical explanation to each event (excluding the confusing time-lapse techno whatsoever). Guillermo created quite a simple plot which focused more on the robots-vs-monsters than the world’s society and condition, very typical of science-it’s-freaking-doomsday-fiction movies. Honestly, I find this thing quite entertaining. No need to think hard or try to catch up in every scene (managed to sneak into toilets and didn’t miss a single thing when I came back), but some people will find this movie ‘fantastic special effect with another classic plot’ (my sister aka the mood ruiner, drama worshipper, and logic receiver). I guess I just have to leave it to your favor.

Hmm, big robots, monsters, science and explosions? Nothing wrong with them, I think.

One big challenge is the sequel. Hope it won’t be like Transformers (please…they keep making one after another and it’s getting wayyyy weirder than the last)(And Rosie is not the best replacement for Megan Fox). Sometimes a good movie is a good movie. One movie. Just one.

Update: A little bit fun game here. Even though Pacific Rim 2 won’t hit the theater until God-knows-when, you can still have fun by creating your OWN Jaeger here. If you’re lucky, your Jaeger can be featured on the movie (if you are extremely, positively, hugely lucky).