Geek of the Day: Google And NASA

by gimmegoodstyle


I am not good at explaining tiny scientific details, so I am going to go quick and simple: NASA once launched a satellite to observe the earth’s surface to monitor the progress and landscape changing, so we’ll know if something bad (or good) is happening. Then the government decided that those images that the satellite took should be free (wise decision dudes!), this is when Google stepped in and used those images to create maps and other things. After 60 years of gathering pictures, Google decided to just combine them all together and see what would happen. Partnered up with NASA, TIME, and US Geological Survey, they created a gif images showing the changing in our earth’s landscape.

Those images are showing how Amazon forest is slowly vanishing, how Saudi Arabia (Dubai) built their cities out of nothing (well, out of really generous fund I guess), how glacier retreats into higher ground in Columbia (wait, Columbia has glaciers?!) and other magnificent yet dangerous things that we failed to see.

One thing that we can learn from this project is we are growing fast, fellas. Our urge to have kids and families are consuming the planet’s resources. Lots of trees and other severe natural aspects are vanishing, changed to houses, skyscrapers, islands. This project is not only for fun and artsy-bitsy thing, it’s also a grim reminder that our earth is limited, no matter how big it looks like. Remember, there is no Star Trek way out type in this problem, when the earth is ending….I guess, we are ending too.

P.S: I think I am watching too much Apocalypse movies these days. Have. To. Change. Genre.

Taken from Exposure Guide

Dubai_400 Las_Vegas_400 time lapse earth surface