STYLE Loves: Tibi Pencil Skirt

by gimmegoodstyle

TIBI Surf Multi Fade Out Stripe Pencil Skirt

I hope this is not really late for shopping. Well, figuring out that this is weekend and summer and there are still some holiday moods hanging in the air (until the end of July), I guess you want to go somewhere for a while and buy yourself a weekly reward. Everyone deserves one. I usually buy myself an expensive lunch or things like that to remind me that I am able to go through the week without having a suicidal part of myself showing up. At least, showing of too often.

Anyhow I was wondering what a sophisticated young woman would buy during weekend and I instantly thought about clothes and skirts! Yeay! Well, okay, I lied. I thought about foods, but I always think about delicious foods. So…move on! Tibi just has this amazingly beautiful pencil skirt with fade out blue stripe. It looks simple, chic, and totally in for both summer, spring, fall, and winter. Eh, classic.

Just listen to my idea, in winter you can pair this skirt with cool sweater and maybe do a little color blocking with your coat, during summer you can wear a white tank top and poof! A simple summer dress is here! Spring and fall aren’t a problem either, just put your flowery tops (alive flowers for spring, dead for fall) and you’ll have a cool combination. What do they call this kind of clothes? Uh, yeah, investment.

Taken from Moda Operandi