Well, That’s My Back

by gimmegoodstyle

da back parkandcube.com

Remember the time when celebrities really like showing off their backs? Their smooth, flawless, zit-free, tanned, sexy backs? Well, somehow I miss that moment. Not the back. But the dresses! I like the concept of plain front and when you turn around, bam! There you go. Of course wearing a sexy-back dress (Justin Timberlake moment here) needs more practice than wearing a simple dress. You need to know how to pose (we have a lot of references now, thanks to Kim Kardashian), how to create that surprise moment and, on top of that, you have to be able to become a Venus. A sexy lady with sexy back. Well, maybe I am pressing you too much.

Don’t worry, having a open-back-dress (ah, way less…porn-like) doesn’t mean you have to be sexy. It’s just for fun. You know, sometimes it’s unfair for the backside because the frontside always get more attention and things begin to reversed and here we are with a cool backside.

Okay, enough with the explanation and let’s straight back to fashion. I believe because the summer spring theme is in the air (and there is no trend easier than summer), I recommend this flowery open back dress. Everyone has a flower summer dress, but an open-back-summer-dress? That’s another level my friend. For styling tips, I believe hats is the most perfect item you can wear. Bowler hat, straw hat, sombrero, who cares? As long as you go sexy-backing (anddd…here we are again)(pfft, guys and their minds).

Taken from Park and Cube