Mirror Shopping

by gimmegoodstyle

mirror shopping new york thesartorialist.com

I just see my mirror and I won’t talk about how it looks. Okay, maybe I am going to talk about it. It looks like shit. Seriously, I have this mirror since ages ago, it has endured tons of throwing, stains, sauces. Eugh, I think it’s time for us to go mirror shopping. I never done a mirror shopping before, I guess it’s quite different than showing up in hardware shop and just take whatever you need (the cheapest), pay and go. Hmm, where is your home interior spirit, dah-ling?

Mirror can be quite essential in your room. It’s like accessories for house. I remember visiting a friend’s home and it was old and dusty, but when I got inside and looked at the living room. Well, the mirror changed everything. It was wooden, dark and very Indonesian-like (means there are a lot of strange, mystical creatures carved into the woods)(scary at night, reminds me of old horror movies, the ones with plot and super scary real ghosts *gulp*).

Quite amazing to see one item can change the whole look of the house. I guess I can use one item to upgrade my boring bedroom (and smelly because I always forget to buy new sprayer. Okay okay, nasty nasty person I am) and make it new again. Mirror shopping 101, here I go.

Taken from The Sartorialist