Pinky Shorts

by gimmegoodstyle

pink shorts sydney

Summer is all about shorts. Everywhere I look there must be some girls wearing a cool short with cool patterns. Honestly, I feel a little bit guilty when seeing this kind of girls. Remember, I live in Eastern country when men would be punished, if he looks like a pervert in public. Our social motto is ‘do the nasty behind the closed door, locked it, sound-proofed it, and don’t let anyone come in except you want to get a lot of nasty comments and hatreds.’ Okay, that’s probably my motto.

But back to my fashion-blogger mode, I really support this kind of shorts. It compliments your legs, it gives that easy feeling, it’s relaxing your mood, and perfect for walking on the street in the middle of summer (40 degree celsius! Jakarta is officially turning into a really huge, polluted dessert)(and don’t get me started about Bali)(summer is my mortal skin-nemy).

When people asked me what kind of shorts should they wear though, I am a bit confused to answer. That really depends on a lot of things. But my current favorite is this pink shorts. As Oscar de la Renta once said: pink is better than black, it compliments your skin color blah something feminine blah. Forget about the details.

One tip for you: shorts is more to casual than formal or (damn it!) high-fashion. Sorry people, drop your favorite bling-bling tops and super big accessories and change into something like tank tops, tee, t-shirts and maybe a sexy cropped tops (eh, not in Jakarta, if you want to do ‘cropped da cropped’!)(cultural safety first). Ah, and I don’t really like the combination above, shirts and pink shorts looks clashed. Not good. Not good at all.

Taken from Jak and Jil