Queen Be For Flaunt Magazine

by gimmegoodstyle


Say goodbye to artistic editorials. Please, it’s not selling! Who wants to stare at twisty, blurry images of a dancer when you can see a crystal crisp photo of Karlie Kloss showing of her breast (Destination Detox in Vogue US). Okay, maybe sexy is the new black for editorials. But not all models can really nail sexy. Don’t get me wrong, models have perfect bodies. But sexiness is not just about the body (then my sister can be considered sexy too)(she is not).

It’s about the confidence, the aura, the dazzling spirit that shoots right into the camera and become a glossy pack of sexiness in magazine counter. And there is only one woman who can nail the job: Beyoncé. Yes, Queen Be everyone. I can’t believe she is a mom right now, I still can’t believe. That body looks too good to be true.

(editor’s note -okay, my note: is she really a human afterall?!!?)

Photographed by Tony Duran in ‘Under the Gilded Banner’ for Flaunt magazine

Taken from Fashiontography