Flower Tee

by gimmegoodstyle

parkncube flower tee 3

It’s hard to believe that I forget to talk about this tee last spring (it’s and devastating how fast spring is. Buh!) and the next thing I know is it’s summer and everyone decides to go all naked on public. You don’t do nudity? Too bad. It’s the most classic style ever. Classically jail. Well, I don’t care about season though. I decided not to. We are living this fashion world and it knows no ‘trend’ or ‘season’, it’s all about beautiful clothes and cool fashion spirit. Who cares about trend?!

Okay, back to flower tee. My only problem with flower/floral/nature-inspired tee is it’s so basic that everyone always has almost-the-same item. At least, 9 out of 10 people must have a flower tee and they have it in the exact same shape with just different pattern. That’s the risk of having a basic item.

But flower tee is not as easy to mix as black t-shirts. The pattern is nasty to play with that’s why you have to be a little bit smarter and different when buying a basic flower tee. I hate when people think they just style it with creme pieces whatsoever and act like a cute Korean girl (K-POP is not my thing. NOT my thing).

What a good flower tee for me? Well, for me a good flower tee must represents your style and spring. For example: I like something a little bit quirky and artsy and I guess I will choose something big in both pattern and size (let’s not talk about size though). How about you? What is your most-perfect flower tee?

P.S: Park and Cube has one of the coolest flower tees ever! I love the size of the flower-pattern (extra big!) and eyes sticking out from the shoulder. Cool. Cool. And she is Korean, if I am not mistaken (I always not good in this kind of thing)(and I don’t mean that I am a racist. I am not a racist. I am just racist at fashion-style which we have to talk about later. Pff, this is exhausting, don’t you think?).

Taken from Park and Cube

parkncube flower tee 2