STYLE Loves: Roger Vivier

by gimmegoodstyle

roger vivier ss14 shoes

Unbelieveable how giant fashion houses blind me from seeing at different angles! Okay, maybe not the giant fashion houses, but my own limited sources (feel bad about it. Really). I just found this shoe designer called Roger Vivier and he is a real damn good designer. I love how he mixed colors and studs and other ‘plus materials’ and created something artsy yet very very chic.

Oh, and he has this vibe that makes me excited and jump around whenever I see his collection. I know! This is just a good good sign, never feel this much excitement since Dion Lee! But I can’t help thinking about two great shoe designers in the history of fashion world. Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo. Both of them closed the competition long long time ago (also special thanks to Carrie Bradshaw I guess), but Roger definitely has something that both of them lack of. Art.

I mean, Manolo and Jimmy (feels good calling those great men by first name!) have the knowledge of fashion and art and sometimes art is not that important. But they make their shoes with a lot of sexiness, edginess and sometimes we just don’t need to feel sexy or edgy or fierce. Or so depressed that we don’t want to feel sexy. The energy is just too intense for me. Where is that art-excitement and easy unique feeling that I always love from a collection? Roger on the other hand, jumped in and created these fabulous shoes that, well, maybe not as sexy as Jimmy or Manolo, but sure will kick some art-fashion-lovers on the butt. Just like me.

Check out his new Spring Summer 2014 collection:

Taken from Style Bubble