by gimmegoodstyle

tee by cosmic

Polkadot is nice, but there are times when I am sick of it and want to throw it out of the window. Hello?! Polkadot again? But I also realize that no matter how many times people throw that pattern out of the window, it will come back around. Remember last season when the polkadot attack just happen out of the blue and people start buying the exact same thing their mothers bought back then in 1960s (or something between this year and long long long time ago)?

That time when we (kids!) swore that we would never wear anything with dots because it reminds us about our mothers, her friends and old talks about that-neighbor-who-happens-to-buy-a-new-plants and do-you-have-fun-at-school?. And never ever mention old parent-children games. Hate to say this, but fashion is bitching with us (and our moms) again. Thank you very much karma, you are still bitching us however you want.

That doesn’t me just have to hate fashion and forget about trends though, let’s look for something not-really-polka-dot, but still has some moves in there. My current answer is this Tee by Cosmic. I am sorry, but I forget which series is the one in the picture. Wait, I don’t feel really sorry though because Google provides silly information like this (seriously, Google is really annoying sometimes. Don’t know something? Don’t ask your friends! They are bunch of idiots and slow thinkers! Just go to Google and there you go!)(we are not here to talk about Google and friends though).

Well, I kinda admire the way Cosmic printed the blotches with big big size and didn’t make it like old polka dot style. I don’t know about you, but it looks way chicer than regular dots. Plus, it looks really soft and thin which is just perfect for…you know, summer (duh!).

Taken from Amateur Couture