No Air Conditioning Needed!

by gimmegoodstyle

chair house by igor sirotov architect

Hello summer, I really hate you and I wish I can have winter all year and sun is just a strange concept that we all unfamiliar with. But you are right here, blazing with intense heat and beauty that I won’t talk about. My defense from you is sitting in an air conditioning room and forget the world out there. Well, life’s in my ice box.

Though some people are lucky enough to have a great home that requires no air conditioner. Wow, the concept of living through the summer without having a single air conditioner inside the house is really strange for me. Even stranger than no-summer-in-a-year concept. I guess these people have the right environment and natural resources to do this thing.

There is this house made with the cave concept, which enables natural humidity to cool down the temperature inside the house (Chair House by Igor Sirotov Architect), and there is this one house made with such precision you can literally put trees inside the house (Hayes Residence by Travis Price). And don’t make me talk about BCHO Earth House by BCHO Architects, which is built inside the earth. Yeah, how cool is that?

Sadly, these kind of houses aren’t available in Jakarta, the city where summer rules 365 days in year and electricity bill is sky-rocketing every month. Hmm, forget about building an underground bunker or tree-inside-a-house thing. The only things I need are new (more powerful!) air conditioners, lightning and ice creams. Lots of ice creams.

Taken from Architizer