More Fabric, Less Skin…Or…..

by gimmegoodstyle knitwear

Hiya folks! Wow, it’s nice to have a new way to greet you. Tonight (or today)(I forget that I am totally in different timezone, heh) let’s talk about something you’ve been waiting for. What do you have to wear on the beach? Wait, don’t frown! I know that most of you will go rampaging the beach with tiniest bikinis you can get on the stores, but some of us aren’t that lucky to have a beautiful body. Inner beauty totally doesn’t work on the beach. This is a matter of real skins or no skin at all. Talking about skins, which one do you prefer more skin or less skin?

Let me make this sentence clearer: I realize that during summer, during my holiday in Bali to be precise, I never wore just shorts to the beach. I still wore my t-shirts, shorts, sandals and bunch of things to the beach because it would be unpleasant for me to go shirtless and all. And it would be unpleasant for other people. Showing less skin makes me feel comfortable and safer, knowing that my tummy will be just fine. Hidden and fine.

But some people told me that it is better to show MORE skin than hiding it. They (those wisdom fashion elders) say that hiding your tummy will just make it bigger than reality and it’s shocking. Wow, I thought my picture is just fine. Anyway, because I am a good fashion-victim and such an amateur, I considered following that mantra and go all-short-and-skins on the beach, but I couldn’t! At the last moment, I grabbed my bathrobe and went back to my room with what’s left from my dignity. I praised those grandpas who rock their speedos and white-bread on the swimming pool. I am serious, they had more guts than me.

Pff, Operation Self-Esteem? Failed. It’s harder than Mission Impossible -much harder (I told you Tom Cruise, I told you!).

I can’t deny that I adore those models in their bikinis though, they look gracious and goddess-like. But then, I turned back my head and there it is…new bathrobe models. No skin and still look beautiful and fresh and look so innocent. Hmm, I guess I just go with old ultimate fashion wisdom: JUST GO WITH IT MY CHILD, JUST GO WITH IT.

Taken from Style Bubble

P.S: For you who have the same problem with me, hide your tummy in Susie’s swimsuit/knitwear. It’s cool and edgy!