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Hot weather means more bad hair days (ugh, the humidity is ruining my hair!! Noooooo!!!) and even though I am one of those men who don’t understand the difficulty of having long hair and such things (by things I mean bangs and extensions and whatever products women use on their hairs)(seriously, your hair doesn’t look that bad!), I do understand the unimaginable heat you get in your body, face, hair, and mind. Pfft, it’s sucks, isn’t it? Okay girls maybe I don’t know the difficulties of having a long hair, but I do know a thing or two about short hair.

As a teen growing up in strict environment that requires high ethic code in term of clothing and hairstyle, the easiest hair cut I can get is short hair. The one those military guys get during their training camp, but longer. And funner. Anyway, at first it looks annoying and I feel really…bald. But as the time goes on, this bald-thing becomes quite a comfort to me.

First, I don’t have to spend more money for gel and things, but you probably aren’t going to count this advantage because girls always need beauty products (it’s like an undeniable physics law). Second, I have slight advantage when the sun is too blazing in the sky (umbrella is not involved in this case). Okay, maybe it is not a big advantage because I am still sweating like crazy. At least, I can still hope for short-hair-sun-proof-miracle. Third, you can say goodbye to those bad hair days. Well, at least you can almost say goodbye (even short hair people don’t look good after sleeping for hours during long-flight).

Anyway, pixie haircut (yes, that’s the name) is not always a bad thing. Yes, probably your friends will suspect you grew some liches during summer, but lately people are dying to get this type of haircut (plus, you can get more quality time with your friends while convincing them that you DO NOT grow some liches). Hmm, let’s see…Ellen DeGeneres, Mia Wasikowska (she is still pixie, isn’t she?), Michelle Williams, Michelle Obama (eh, not pixie…but she has short hair and I am running out of candidates, so….) and, of course the one and only…the new princess of punk, Miley Cyrus (love ya, Miley. You can’t stop girl!).

My friends also say, somehow, people with short hair are much sexier than long hair.

These words are both for boys and girls. So, what do you think? Want to get some hair cuts this season (when August is not here yet and summer still show some mercy)?

Taken from The Sartorialist