STYLE Loves: Martina Spetlova And Her Weave

by gimmegoodstyle

martina spetlova

Weave pattern has become a great part of Indonesian fashion industry. Both traditional and modern. If you visit Java and surrounding islands (well, all over Indonesia to tell you the truth), you can easily spot old woman in her old home trying to weave something from coconut or bamboo roots. And when you go back to Jakarta, young designers are still doing the same thing in their design classes at some pricey colleges. The difference is just in materials and facilities. I guess, weave is pretty popular here. But it never came to my mind before that weave is also a cool fashion out there in Western worlds. It seems quite… strange. Unfamiliar.

I thought all westerners like jeans and t-shirts and some fancy dresses at rare occasions and that’s it. Well, I was wrong. And I know I was wrong because Martina Spetlova shows me how cool weaving is in western fashion. Martina able to create a colorful, edgy, leathery, sexy looks with weaving, which I rarely see in Indonesian weaving technique. After thinking a little bit, I just realized that the only thing I recognize from Indonesia weaving is the old, dusty color of different shades of brown (to Indonesia defend, we do create extraordinary handcraft and other things tourists want to buy). Huh.

Not only colorful, sexy and leathery, Martina also able to give modern-touches to her weaving (aka clothes). Pants, dresses, jackets, everything looks normal for us (youngsters with good fashion sense) to wear, even though I am not sure you still want to wear it after..let’s just say, 4 seasons from now (yeah, yeah, 2 years from now). I know…fashion is just confusing, one day you are in and the next day you’re out kind-of-thing. Some of the items contain the ‘out of date’ possibilities (especially the black-with-orange-flare pants!). I guess that’s what keep the designers (and bloggers) occupied all these years.

Anyway, don’t let the out-of-date-ness get the best of you this time, and go try this kind of weaving!

Taken from Style Bubble