A Simple Fashion Drama

by gimmegoodstyle

drama queen spotted le-21eme.com

Oh, I’ve told you before how much I love a normal-drama, right? What I mean by normal drama is, well, drama with right amount of cries, overreacting players, complicated plots, and some humors to cheer us up. Not some lousy endless stories about love, and melancholy stories of a family in the middle of nowhere. Gah.

But it’s a little bit different, when it comes to clothes. Dramatic clothes can be amazingly stupid or beautiful, according to the designers and stylist…and yourself. Now, let me describe what I mean by dramatic clothes.

I think dramatic clothes are something exaggerated, contain a lot of ‘extras’, and seem a little bit out of place. Not something most people want to walk on the street with. But it is also something you want to have inside your cupboard, an outfit you guys have at least one piece and keep it neatly and tuck it under your tons of pants and summer dresses. You don’t like to wear it a lot, but when something special happens -or you are in a good mood, you run to your drawer and take this outfit out for a walk to fancy park. Okay, are you confused now? Those are the best description I can come up with.

I can’t really give a shopping tip for dramatic clothes because it really depends on your taste. My taste is something plain with volumed. It can be a gown (ok, wait, I talk as a stylist and fashion blogger now. Not a man, I would never ever wear a gown. Men doesn’t really have any dramatic bones in their bodies)(or bold-fashion bones to wear something good), or maybe a voluminous skirt. Maybe slit maxi skirt with romantic ruffles (just like the one from Balenciaga)? I don’t really know either!

One thing for sure is it looks almost like a party outfit, but with less glamour and more chic. Without being too much. Colors seem to be a bad choice, if you want to make it a classic item. Go with black, white or grey, they’re simply timeless and no one can debate a nice black dress. It’s just a forbidden fashion rule.

Well, put on those dramatic clothes and go hit your show stage!

Taken from Le 21ème