Geek of the Day: Manuel Cosentino

by gimmegoodstyle


Little house and simple plain hill (I don’t even know, if it’s a grass hill or rocky hill!), what can you get from those two really plain combination? According to Manuel Cosentino, you can get amazing weather photos and touching simple life of a house (yes, a house DOES has a life. Just accept it).

Seriously, when I flipped through Cosentino’s last work, entitled Behind a Little House, I feel like seeing a little silent house, trying to silently tell us things it has been through and what a simple yet amazing artform we can get! You can see the little house stands still during storms, starry skies, sunny days, and foggy morning (uh, I don’t know if it’s morning or whatever, but let’s imagine it’s morning)(it’s more romantic!).

Let me praise Mr. Cosentino who managed to shoot such beautiful, high quality pictures (I know photography and I know how hard it is to take decent, simple, beautiful shoots that are able to communicate freely with people who see it). You can see his work at Klompching Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. And…guess what?!

You can buy his Little House book and you can actually draw your version of the background! It’s like a combination of both drawing skills and photography. Hmm, I accept the challenge Cosentino!

Behind a Little House is part of Klompching’s FRESH 2013, an annual summer show that will run through August 10, 2013.

Taken from My Modern Met

Behind a Little House