STYLE Loves: Vitaminwater Just For Bloggers!

by gimmegoodstyle

vitamin water ad

Just kidding. It would be weird to come to some stores and buy vitamin water then suddenly out of nowhere, the shopkeeper asked if you are a blogger or not and take the vitamin water (while giving you that annoying-underestimating snort), if you are not. Hmm, life would be really difficult. Well, you might not get special treatment from Vitaminwater’s staffs (I am talking to you bloggers all over the world), but you will definitely see some crazy advertising pictures from Vitaminwater soon enough (maybe you already see it somewhere, somehow, and I am just being such an old news again. Damn).

I don’t know where the hell they get this kind of idea, but this is super crazy, creative, fun, and fashionable! Well, I am not saying that dressing up as sunflower is fashionable. Maybe you can forget the petal-headwear and just go with the dress (or you can choose to go as another flower)(I totally recommend roses or orchids. Beautiful!). And I know most of you only have two hands, so….life is pretty much too plain.

Oh, and before I close this instant post, let’s play pick-your-favorite-and-tell-the-rest-of-them-just-bad game. My favorite is Susie Bubble (sunflower lady) and that alien girl (sorry, forget forget forget her name! Bad blogger alert here!), they can represent their quirkiness and outer worldly fashion yet still somehow make some senses for me. The rest of them? Pfft, guess we don’t have to talk about it (just kidding!!).

Anyway, who’s your favorite?

Taken from Style Bubble