Coming Back Home

by gimmegoodstyle

I will make you guys turn green with envy in 3…2…1: I am on my second vacation to my hometown called Pontianak, West Kalimantan (!). Some of you must be strangers to Pontianak. Well, there are only two things you should know about this city. First’ it’s the capital city of West Kalimantan, an island that once called Borneo by the Dutch colony before it went back to it’s more modern name: Kalimantan. Second, it’s a growing Chinese-Indonesian city with construction buildings everywhere and motorcycles circling down the road, mixing with the strange accent of Indonesian-Malay and chinese restaurant’s delicious smokes. Well, one more point: third, it’s very very very close to Malaysia, only 8 to 9 hours bus ride to Kuching, another small, but interesting, city in Malaysia. See? It’s pretty easy to learn new things about my hometown.

It feels strange though to comeback to your old hometown after so many years living in a crowded place like Jakarta. Everything seems to be slowing down and taking their times to peel off their skins and changed into something I never know before. And aging. How scary it is to see my dog (okay, my grandfather’s dog, but no one seems to care about that old guy -the dog- anymore, so…it’s practically mine) changing from black and white to pretty much just white (making me remember white-trend again, maybe this old dog is also a fashionista), the shower on the bathroom growing something like moss (not pretty moss), the electricity slowing down and leaving us with just two air conditioners! (Pontianak is HOT, better buy new Japanese-fans soon!).

Even after founding so many weaknesses and oldness that Pontianak (and my grandparent’s old house), they’re still the same. It’s still the same dog that helped me explored the garden when I was a kid (the garden looked much bigger back then, and dangerous), taught how to pat-hug-and-scratch-dog (he really likes me around his forehead and between eyes, but hate it when I go too far near his mouth and fangs), and how to sit down and read newspaper with a dog sitting on the same park bench beside you (he liked leaning into me and took a look of the newspaper…and drooled all over the page). The shower is still the same one that I used for my first mature-bath (means taking a shower without someone watching you from the door) and those air conditioners helped me fought the hot summer holidays long long ago.

They are now old and look different, but I like them better this way. Like an aging reminder how far I’ve gone and it’s always good to come back and take a look here and there.

Happy Second Holiday, fellas!

P.S: That’s also the reason why I seem to not interested in blogging these past few days!