Dion Lee Resort 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


I am not an expert at swimwear and I think I will never be. The truth is, for me, swimwear is just swimwear. It makes you sexy on the beach, help you get into the water, showing off your after-gym body and that’s it. All said and done. Nothing really special can come from swimwear. It’s different than dresses or even jeans, which you can wear almost everyday, all the time. But Dion Lee has succeed (again) awing me with his vision, not only about swimwear, but also with leathery dresses and what resort really is.

Okay, just like swimwear (or swimsuits), resort for me is just the appetizer before the real show begins. Not something people have to talk about all the time (hey, I stopped talking about resort after a few shows, right?). Dion Lee on the other hand, might be thinking that resort is actually the best way to bring on the leather, bold cuttings, more cropped tops, sexy body-hugging-dresses. And I fall in love with his collection. Falling in love seems to be underestimating my obsession to his designs. Let’s say that I fall hard. Real hard.

Not only leathery dresses and clothes, Lee also designed a few swimwear pieces which are not surprising, but quite a new move that I didn’t expect. I though he would stick to his futuristic cutting design and simple dresses. Well, guess that’s the benefit of being a rising young designer. The ‘surprise design’ advantage. And eventually everything that you do is ‘a smart step’ and ‘exploring things in fashion.’ How I envy him. After deciding to use swimwear in his collection, Lee turned his attention to oil and water, it shows in his blurry abstract print, wavelike ruffles and beautiful modern see-through pieces.

There is something familiar with the collection I realized after scrolling through one leathery dress to another, I feel like I am back to Alexander Wang’s fashion show. The boldness, the chicness, the body-hugging dresses, the coolness, which can only happen to New Yorkers, the swimsuits. Everything seems similar with Wang’s signature sporty style. You can say that’s everything has been done by other designer. I guess that’s also the dark side of being a young designer.

It’s not a big deal though because Lee also put something of his own….like the print. In conclusion, Dion Lee is not only changing my view about swimwear (it is not just about swimming and sun, it’s abut chicness and boldness of the body. Salute salute!!), but also raise himself from ‘designer to watch for’ into ‘favorite designer’ on my list.

You get the move, Dion Lee!

Taken from Style