The Good Drag Queen

by gimmegoodstyle

good drag queen streetfsn

There is something funny when I make this post. It’s not about how bad I write (well, part of it actually), but thinking that I would be one day, praising a drag queen style. My God, feels so ironic! I used to be the one that said: nope! to that kind of style. I mean, drag queen only looks good in movie and burlesque cafe, not on the street. Am I right?!

Just like usual though, Tommy Ton (one of gods of fashion bloggers) proved that Drag Queen is also a significant style on the street. Look at this picture, the combination of leather tops and shorts, heavy make ups, tipsy pose, colorful coats and bangles make me feel…good. This is trendy yet know how to pull off such amount of accessories and clothes. Elegant style is one of my favorites, and never feel bad, but maybe all those elegant women have to back off a little bit and give the road to new drag queen. A good drag queen.

Taken from Jak and Jil