What I Want For My Birthday

by gimmegoodstyle

Partying might be a strange and unnecessary concept for me, like go to the dentist every single month just to check if your white teeth are okay. But birthday is exceptionally important for me. It’s like a small celebration of life, how old you are, and, of course, a undeniable clock to begin doing something important in your life. We can’t life forever people! Better leave a thing or two for future generation to remember us. Why am I talking like this? Because my 17th birthday is only few days away (9th August!) and looking back again, I haven’t done anything worthy of praises (except making friends with you guys and this blog)(yes, and extra point in Plague game).

Enough with the philosophy talk though, one thing that also makes birthday so much more important than regular week end is..presents! Oh, how I love presents. Especially the ones that I do not know and honestly surprising me. Never get something like that since ages ago. I also won’t lie that I DID get bad presents in the past and everyone seemed eager to give me books. Thanks for that, but maybe we can be more…creative here. Not like I regretted celebrating my birthday. I just want a decent present sometimes.

So…thinking that someone is looking for a way to ask me what I want for my birthday without ruining the whole surprise-thing (uh-oh, hard thing to do!), I made this collage and list of things that I crave for months, but never get enough money (or time)(and motivations) to buy them:

2013-07-29 17:10:21 +000011. Plaid shirts

Yeah, to be honest, I do can afford some shirts (just to be honest, not to be cocky!), but this is my day and I can always ask for more durable plaid shirts for semi-formal occasions, right?

2. Macbook Air 11-inch Hardcover 

One thing that’s even more miserable than my old everyday-tee is my Mac. Ugh, looking back the time. I remember putting my Mac in dangerous situation (usually on the corner of a really high table) and it has scars here and there on it’s once slim body. A hard metal cover seems to be a great idea now.

 3. New Sketchbook 

I bought one expensive sketchbook last summer holiday and I draw heavily until it becomes a bunch of sketches in no time. I need a new one, but can’t seem to find the right time to go to a store, become a picky bitch and go ahead and spend hundred thousand rupiahs in sketchbook that’ll run out of paper in just a few days. Hmm, praise to my creative brain!!

4. Sony Headphone 

Music freak. Big ears. Big headphones. That’s enough to say.

5. Canon Macro Lenses

Right….I am pushing my luck. While trying to master standard, easy lens that I have, I guess it will be a great idea to explore my limits. And after a lot of thinking and seeing my options , macro photography seems to interest me the best. Oh, enough with this shit, I just want a new lens because it looks cool in my camera! (God, please forgive me…)

6. Jansport Backpack

I have enough with shoulder bag that eventually killed one of my shoulders everyday. ENOUGH. Time to save my shoulders and buy a new bag at the same time. On top of my list is this cool Jansport backpack with masculine colors (I can’t believe I said that -masculine) and strong material that’ll last years even after such tortures that I will definitely give to it.

 7. Your Words

This is the most important of them all. I just love getting ‘happy birthday’ tweets from all over the world (maybe not every part of the world, but still amazing!), it makes me feel good about my birthday and want to go ahead and have a blast. So, forget about all those six items above and just wish me a happy happy birthday!!

P.S: The last point doesn’t apply to my friends. You know who I am talking about (Fang, Fitry, Karina, Florence these words are for you my friends…). Present is a must when I come back to Jakarta!!!