Sparkly Bitch

by gimmegoodstyle


The sun has changed from holiday-friendly girl-next-door to one hell of a bitch who doesn’t know when to stop shining hotly across the globe. August is her month and we can’t really do anything, but stare in our reddish skins (UV-A or UV-B and whitening effect and I-GIVE-UP!) while standing in line trying to have the last scoop of ice cream, it doesn’t even tastes that good. Phew, there’s no good can come from whining (and, okay, cursing) about it though. Let’s find something to rock this bitch out in this weather, shall we?

I really suggest you to wear something sparkly. Well, sparkling dresses are appropriate in nightclubs (and editorials)(please note that in editorials, they have models and high-level stylist. We do not have those magical people), that’s true. But in this weather, people seem to party everywhere (do they feel the heat?!) and it always good to have a outfit that allows you to join them whenever you can.

Just like every other fashion-item, it always good to wear just one piece. Maybe a chic sparkling shorts with cropped tops, sexy tops, or dress without extra accessories. No-accessories is essential for this style, you see…your dress is already blazing up like mini-sun, there is no need for you to add more sparks and end up being a…disco ball. Ugh, super-bad disco ball (never ever try to look like a disco ball except you’re going to Elvis concert or whatever). Just go easy and nice and enjoy the sun. Please…like we are able to enjoy the sun with this heat!

Taken from Style Bubble