Street Pose

by gimmegoodstyle

cara delevigne rocking

The main issue from the magazine that I just bought in a stall (yes, Pontianak still has a newspaper stall, not a gigantic bookstore) is how to pose like street-stylers. What?! I always thought that street-stylers have their own guidebooks. Like a natural guidebook (maybe instinct?), where they can easily know where, what, when, and how to pose. That’s one of the qualities to be a street-stylers, right? I guess I was wrong and blind all this time! Anyway, back to the issue, the article is quite long with small fonts and beautiful how-to photos (almost ten to fifteen photos with different poses) and I give up after a few paragraphs. Okay, maybe I am not a fashionista or fashion-expert or a street styler, but I know how hard it is to get a good street photos of people (has to be candid!) and I know what I want. Let’s pretend that I am a street-style photographer now, and here are things I always crave for when I shoot people. And these are not lies.

First, a good smile or laugh. Not a fake smile in family photos (which is just pathetic), but the real one. The one where your lips open up and reveal beautiful, happy, relieved face. That’s how I like it. A smile also makes you look comfortable and confident in your outfit, even though you don’t feel that way. Isn’t it just fantastic?

Second, a good stand. When you move or walk too fast, my camera doesn’t really catch the details of your clothes and the result becomes…well, not good (blurry-blurry-ghostly-girls-in-whatever-white-clothes). Street photographers are different with paparazzi. We want details of clothes and beautiful, firm, elegant, relaxed stand (think America’s Next Top Model). We don’t run all over town to catch celebrities sipping alcohol with some girlfriends and hide their guilty pleasure. Please…!

Third, just relax and face the camera. I just hate it when people move their eyes or face away from the camera because they think it will make them look good. You look sad, stressed, filled with thoughts and not really concentrating on what’s happening around you (which is pretty exciting). Just look the camera with laugh (read the first step), good stand (or maybe a good, slow walk. Read number two), and confidence (most important from these three, confidence gives you freedom to pose, good outfit and good photos!) to face the lenses. We (photographers with crazily big cameras) ARE NOT that scary!!

Four, just like what Cara Delevingne always does….a crazy, funny, stylish, beautiful, natural, super bizarre pose. That’s just cool and uber-chic (or chic and uber-cool? You decide).

P.S: If these steps (along with bunch of fashion magazines telling the exact same points with me) aren’t successful, you can blame the photographers for not having a good camera, lens, angle, and skills. There is always someone to blame, when the photo isn’t good. Am I right?

Taken from StreetFSN