Day Suit

by gimmegoodstyle

blue suit streetfsn

Oops, I did it again! No, I am not impersonating Britney Spears because I never can (and never will), I just forgot again to let men join our little chats with their classy, casual, a bit rebellious and masculine styles. Even though I am a man (or a teen trying to be one), I never really into menswear when it comes to my blog. Womenswear has so much to talk about until I always think WordPress should give free memories for fashion bloggers only. But menswear? Uh, they only have some nice shirts and pants. And suits. But I won’t be a downer and talk about how boring menswear is. Just admit it girls, there is nothing better than a hunk in a good suit. Hell, even a normal guy can be James Bond-y in good suit. Now, we are entering the tricky part, suit can only be worn at night, right? Well, you are half-right and half-wrong. There is something called day suit, even though (this is the right part) most people associate day suit with office suit. Hmm, I almost thought the same with those people before noticing some differences between those two.

The main difference is the color and how people (eh, men) wear it. Office suit looks gloomy, formal, and can be a little bit stiff because it is made to showcase your perfect posture. Big shoulders, straight back, and strong body posture to intimidate opponents inside the meeting rooms. But day suit, on the other side, might looks a little bit relaxed. More like blazer for men. I like the way it comes in many colors like shirts  (there is even a pink suit! Pink!) and you don’t have to pat your back because the suit is bothering (aka killing) you. Day suit simply flows with your body and create whatever posture you always come up with when wearing usual non-suit clothes. Love that quality.

Therefore day suit never really can beat a good tuxedo for me. Maybe because the huge gap in the atmosphere of the occasion. Come on, having a good lunch and probably sightseeing with your girlfriend and boyfriends (honoring the awesome gay communities out there) in some kind of holidays never beat a ball or formal, extremely important dinner which involves one or two royal family members. Or a wedding in Bali.

Well, we’ve learned something so far.

Taken from StreetFSN