The Bad Boy Called Plaid Pants

by gimmegoodstyle

plaid pants

Plaid might be the most popular pattern a man has ever invented. I don’t know why, but plaid seems to be scattered everywhere here. Plaid shirts, plaid t-shirt, plaid hats, plaid umbrella (I swear, there is something called plaid umbrella), and the newest one is plaid pants. Isn’t it somehow reminds you of Scotland’s traditional tunic? What do they call it? Tartan? I am not saying that I hate plaid, I kinda accept plaid as unbeatable style. Especially for men. I even want plaid shirts for my birthday (yeah, I don’t know why I want one)(magic!).

But plaid pants…sounds more like pajama than a casual outfit. Just remember that pajama once quite a hit on the street though, so with unbreakable trust for this one plaid-pants-trend, we are going to talk how to style this bad boy.

Leandra Medine (aka Man Repeller) is my first style guide when it comes to this matter. She is chic, quirky, and ultimately stylish. And she wears plaid pants! I adore her choice of boyish attitude with plaid pants. Denim shirt with something mysterious-yet-exciting under it and a pair of strappy heels? Hmm, I can’t say anything bad with that kind of outfit (or you can call me a blind-blogger). You might want to change the heels with sneakers though (talking to say-no-to-heels activists out there, somewhere). Isabel Marant is the one. Don’t even think to buy another boyish-trendy-chic-feminine-effortless sneakers other than Isabel’s. She is the god of boyish style (sorry Mr. Wang!). Leandra’s style is chic, easy, and light in this pants, but how about you? Dare to try this bad-boy (or lazy boy, remembering it’s similarities with pajamas?).

Taken from Man Repeller