To The Happy Living Room

by gimmegoodstyle


There are a lot of things to make you feel happy and decorating your living room (messy living room) is one of those ways. I am not an interior designer and don’t really know how to set the lightning/chairs/sofas/tables/coffee table/kitchen set/tea set to form a beautiful Elle Decor-like living room, but you can say that I know a thing or two about beautiful home. Maybe because I am dying to have one (this is also the reason why I like to blog about cool houses so much!).

First, light-y white is the new babe. I once read somewhere in a magazine that white makes people become more creative. Somehow, the color stimulates the brain to create something from the abyss. Sounds cool. Why don’t we put some white walls to enlighten our guests’ brains -and us?

Second, time to add colors. Only highly experienced decorator can pull off an all-white-clean look, and let’s be bold here: I am not a decorator. Just take it easy with touches of brave colors (or maybe even a color blocking!) to cheer the atmosphere. Read sofa sounds like fun!

Third, there goes the accessories. Mirror. Remember when we go mirror shopping? Now is the right time for you to go and buy one for yourself. One or two accessories for your living room is not a bad thing. Just don’t limit your imagination, mirror is not the only home-accessory. Pillows? Fake flowers (try to get some fresh-flower-lessons from Park and Cube’s blog. She likes to buy fresh flowers from her home and she does it amazingly)(E.N.V.Y)? Black and white photos of old New York (it doesn’t have to be New York though, just some popular cities that we all know)?

Fourth, we need real lamps. Yellowish lamp is not my thing. My idea of lightning is bright, white, elegant and not-romantic-shitty-thing. Your guests like to be entertained in bright living room, not a romantic-look-like-a-private-room kinda thing. Don’t make them think we are something that we’re not. But you can go all romantic for bedrooms and other uh…private spaces. It will be better, if you have giant windows with forest/garden views which invite natural lights to come in and give that fresh energy. Classy!

Fifth, homemade cookies. This can be the most important step. Delicious homemade cookies can change a dirty, gloomy, no color, scary living room into a small heaven for me-and-you. Martha Stewart? Anna Olson? We need your helps-and-easy-steps now!

P.S: Extra steps: hire a cleaner (or you can take back-pain-risk by cleaning your own home), don’t be lazy to look for new home-accessories (vintage store can be a cheap alternative yet still gives cool items to dig for), and smile smile smile , when your friends decided to give some room-to-room inspections, no matter how shitty they are (ups!).

Taken from House Beautiful