Royal Color

by gimmegoodstyle royal color

How rude I am not to be excited and all celebration to greet the Royal Baby! My mother just told me that. Don’t be fooled by her Union Jack spirit though, she loves playing nations as long as it’s popular enough for her standard (just for your info: few years ago she was all about Beijing and Olympics). I can’t deny that I feel a little bit left out with Royal Families, they just a bunch of really rich and influential people for me (that’s meant to be a compliment). U-huh, no rude intention for British people and UK (who can hate London and it’s classicality?).

Anyway, enough with the pep talks and lets join the late celebration with Susie Bubble and the rest of England. She (Susie, not Kate Middleton, even though I hope something ‘techie’ from her)(someone please tell Kate, Instagram is quite fun) posted this outfit a few days ago and I can’t help but think: OMG, so Royal Family! The blue coat with ruffle-details is really majestic-like, the asymmetric skirt reminds me of Charlotte from SATC (the one when she plays tennis with her first husband and looks all feminine, royally, and a bit superior (high-class superior? I don’t really know the words)), not to mention the suitable background.

One thing that stops me from hailing her, gives some (unnecessary) praises and put on a new royal title behind her website’s address (maybe Duchess of Edgy British Style? Sounds fun! No?) is the color. Neon/soft-blue is so not Royal Family. Huff, feel good (knowing that she is still a quirky, edgy blogger) and bad (because, even though unintentionally, she failed playing Royal-Family-kind-of-day-outfit). And for you people, who are questioning how to dress like a proper Royal Family, maybe you want to buy a hat, creme de la creme suit, and learn how to laugh-and-smile properly.

Hail to the new member of the Family!

Taken from Style Bubble