Calvin Klein Resort 2014

by gimmegoodstyle


Calvin Klein! How can we forgot to talk about this one (maybe because my disposal to Borneo Forest)! I, honestly, respect Calvin Klein’s designer and collection very much, it certainly doesn’t has a kick to create sensation the way Chanel or Louis Vuitton does, but it has something different. The subtle elegance surrounding the brand and making it classic. High fashion world would never be the same without the likes of Calvin Klein. Seriously, this is one of those brands who sit still and (know how to) shut up in the background while keep creating good clothes. Oh, isn’t it just poetic?

Okay then, now let’s see what it has for us this resort. The opening numbers are quite light, casual with elegance touches. I love the way the models walk easily in clothes like these, it seems to be very wearable (but never really buyable for me. Sigh.) Seventies is the new mood of the show, the cuttings, cropped tops, and final tank tops number, which reminds me of 13 Going On 30 movie. Not my favorite looks, but it’s fine. Ellsworth Kelly was sitting in the front row at the show, not really surprising because his latest collaboration with Calvin Klein (a simple dress with Kelly’s notable color blocking -red, blue, white, black) is one of many inspirations to create the collection (Costa, the designer, said the brave color choice is inspired by the color he saw in his studio).

I always like Calvin Klein’s neat collection, but this time I think it’s just the matter of taste (because I can’t really criticize velvet, brave colors, and art-inspired collection). Would you like to wear a Seventies-inspired-cropped-tops that makes you look like young Jennifer Garner? I am certainly don’t want to wear anything like that, or persuade other people to do the job. Nah. Seventies? Not my style. Buy maybe it is your style! If it’s true, then you can go shopping at Calvin Klein soon and I’ll be standing in front of the store, cursing and waiting patiently like a loyal boyfriend (eurgh!).

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