STYLE Loves: Hologram Shoes

by gimmegoodstyle

hologram shoes

Seriously, I wonder how many silvery, glittering, holographic shoes we have to talk about until I am satisfied. But you know what? This kind of shoes is just epically classic for me (suck that black dress and jeans. You guys have serious competitor on my list!) I just love the way it reflects the light in such unique way (bling bling bling), and easily makes you become the king of the street (not really effective when there is someone else wearing the exact same thing)(in this case, don’t fight and just find another territory.)

One thing that makes my excitement go away with the wind is I can’t find a single damn pair of good holographic shoes in Jakarta. Where the hell are those stockers, buyers, boutique owners, designers? They all sink down to the bottom of holographic hell.

In the time like this DIY seems to be a good idea, but I just not good at it and I am sure my creation is something near ‘abstract’ and ‘no artistic value’ shoes.

And seriously, how the hell you can create hologram by yourself?! It is just not possible. Not. Possible.

Taken from Style Bubble