The Beautiful Jakarta

by gimmegoodstyle


I hear rumors that New York always turns into a dead city when summer holiday comes. Well, I used to envy the fact that New Yorkers, who decided to stay in their homes during the holiday, will get the city for their selves, until I realize that we do have the same thing in Jakarta. Eid Mubarak holiday! It’s like New Year for muslim and because Indonesia’s main religion is Islam, most Indonesians celebrate this holiday by packing their things and go back to their hometowns, which is somewhere across the sea (you see, Indonesia is HUGE and it’s also WIDE. Most people are come from another island and it’s not a strange, exotic thing for us.)

In short, Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia with it’s infamous traffic, is totally calm! What a brilliant sight to see people freely walking down the street without having to worry they’ll get hit by some random cars (normal in real life), food sellers, who used to hang out in the pavements are gone (thank God, thank you soooooo mucccchhhhhh!), replaced by nice pictures of Eid Mubarak. Oh, how I love this city!

The only place that is crowded is tourist gateway and because I am not a tourist in my own city, I am definitely ignoring those cheesy attractions (please, such only idiots who want to pay for such old rides. Pffff….Nope nope nope!)