Why Girls Hate Menswear

by gimmegoodstyle

masculinity and purple coat thesartorialist.com

Is fashion designers are fooling us all this time or are we accepting silently the fact? Yes, the fact that men always have the easiest, cheapest, wearable items all this time. It’s easy for them to go effortless chic -or masculine, but the girls… effortless chic is totally on the new level above heaven. That doesn’t mean men are always stylish, all the time, nope. That’s just mean it’s easier for them to become a stylish, someday, when they finally decided to attract women not with muscles, but with brain and styles (rarely happens, if you ask me.)

Anyway, it’s pointless to rampage about this thing without a solid prove, the best thing that I can give you is the picture above. Don’t you adore him just with one look? The neat hair (only five minutes affair with cheap comb and hair-gel! No Chanel product needed, no organic creams, and totally no face-mask-whatever for ‘white skin’), the striped shirt (someone gives it to me…uh, years ago. I forget. But definitely no need to fight with other people in random boutiques or save my money for a shirt! Ha! Who wants to do that?!), the dark purple coat? Perfect! I believe this guy doesn’t do anything except walk down to his closet, pick up the first thing he can reach, put it on, ah, where-is-my-jacket condition and he is ready to go.

Imagine every morning you spend rushing between one chaos to another (bags, clothes, pants, tops, cardigans, dresses, summer-dresses, hats, accessories, argh!!!!!), trying to find anything to wear (before work, after work, before the party started, before ‘casual’ hang out, and most importantly, before my-first-date!)(please…like men really care about what we wear)….. and never end up on The Sartorialist (put extreme disappointment here.)

Life’s quite unfair, I see now.

I guess that’s why girl always hate menstyle and tell everyone that men don’t know how to dress and let the standard of a ‘stylish man’ grows higher than what it’s supposed to be (come on, even t-shirts and cargo pants can look good for men!) Well, who are we kidding, girls? Men can be easily stylish, they just don’t want to (which is the reason why women still survive.) 

P.S: Sorry, but I am totally on men’s side this time. We are stylish, you just don’t want to admit it! Am I right?! 

P.P.S: Okay, maybe we are not always stylish. But we can easily do that without having to go through thousand makeover ideas and stupid reality tv shows. Stylish?! Pfft, easy! 

Taken from The Sartorialist